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Airport Procedure @ DUBAI AIRPORT


Dubai Airport has crossed Heathrow Airport in terms of being the busiest airport. Though it should take you 15-45 minutes depending on the airport rush to clear procedures (immigration not included), the following points will help in avoiding major loss of time.

Be aware that the terminals are not connected. Terminal 3 is for all Emirates Airline and Qantas Airways flights. Terminal 1 is for all other international flights. Terminal 2 is for Fly Dubai and other regional and low-cost carriers. Landed in the wrong terminal? No need to panic, because Dubai Airports offers a 24-hour free shuttle service between all three terminals

Residents can avoid long queues by going for the Smart Gate option. Here, you will not have to wait in a long line at passport control, just use your Emirates ID card and your fingerprint to get through. You can also get yourself registered for an e-gate card at the terminal, which will cost you a one-time fee of around Dh200.

Check-ins - The conventional check-in option of lining up at a counter may take up more than 30 minutes of your time during the busiest hours. Check with your carrier beforehand to see if they have an online check-in option that will allow you to go through express lines. Or if you need on-site check-in help, get our service here (link)

Weigh your luggage in advance - Ensure your baggage is within weight limits by checking it at home or at the airport. This would avoid the hassle of unpacking your luggage at the airport and save precious time.

Note: There is a new rule applicable since March 2017 where a standard protocol needs to be followed in the way you pack your suitcase. This includes:

  • No irregular shaped bags
  • No oversized bags
  • No round bags
  • All bags should have a flat surface